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A luxury grooming/beauty bar designed for Both Men and Women - created by a hairdresser for Travel - Gym - Home

shhh. is free of parabens, gluten, phthalates, mineral oils, petrolatum, synthetic dyes, preservatives, artificial fragrance and coloring. All packaging is 100% compostable and recyclable. 

Shampoo, shower and shave. No shit.

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Thoroughly wet hair. Rub bar in wet hands until foamy. Apply lather to hair and massage scalp. Rinse. You may not need conditioner. Style as usual.
Thoroughly wet bod. Rub bar in wet hands until foamy. Apply lather to area to be bathed|shaved. Rinse. also available also available in lavender - infused with the [7] essentials aromatic and our new sensual bar including ylang ylang, patchouli and jasmine essential oils.

Saponified oils of
olive, castor seed, coconut, palm, sweet almondcocoa butter, kukui nut and jojoba oil. In addition, the exclusive {8} essentials, a signature, proprietary, 100% essential oil fragrance blend.

A unique three-month process makes this "shampoo" bar unlike any other on the market.

Eco Clear Bags (made from lactic acid from plants) are used for all sample and 1.5 oz packaging.

All design, manufacturing, and packaging is achieved by the independent|small business community, with a commitment to sustainability.

Design and manufacturing, Minnesota; Packaging, Michigan (family-owned, 100% hydro-powered paper mill).

As with any beauty|grooming product, don't eat or get in eyes and if irritation occurs discontinue use...duh.

Isn't beauty fun?






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